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Specialty Lenses

Quality lenses from top manufacturers perform better and last longer than typical retailer lenses. Below are a few of the many lens products we recommend. Anti-reflective (AR or Non-glare) - Reduce the glare that causes eye fatigue. Time spent in front of a computer and in artificial lighting can create eye fatigue. In clinical studies, AR lenses were proven to dramatically reduce eye fatigue caused by reflections that cause glare. With ordinary lenses, headlights from other vehicles and city lights can create distracting images during night driving that stress your eyes. AR lenses dramatically reduce those annoying reflections while letting more light through the lens. Eye contact is important to human interaction. AR lenses greatly reduce the reflections others see on your glasses. Let them see you, not your lenses.

Eyes Etc.

Optical features Hoya Super HiVision, Crizal, Crizal Alize and Zeiss anti-reflective.

Aspheric Lenses

Advance optical grinding process that creates a lens surface that is lighter and thinner than standard plastic with less distortion as the wearer looks to the edge of the lens. Also reduces the soda bottle effect of eye magnification/minification. Perfect for those seeking superior optical performance throughout the lens.

High Index Lenses

Lighter and thinner lenses with thinner edge thickness that prevent the soda bottle effect. Perfect high prescriptions. Eyes Etc. Optical features Kodak high index lenses.

Nikon Performance Package

The latest in technology for those who want a full featured lens with integrated antireflective and hard scratch coat.


Lenses that change tint from almost clear to sunglass tints based on the amount of UV light hitting them. Perfect for people who engage in extended outdoor activity that do not want separate sunglasses. Eyes Etc. Optical features Transitions photochromics.

Polarized Sunglasses Lenses

Ordinary tinted lenses reduce brightness, only polarized lenses reduce glare. Eyes Etc. Optical features KBco, Maui Jim, and NuPolar lenses.


Lighter, thinner and more impact resistant than basic plastic with integrated UV protection. Recommended for most patients and minimum requirement for children due to the safety benefit of polycarbonate impact resistance.


Progressives are multi-focal lenses that have areas of correction for reading, mid-distances and distance. Perfect for patients who want the benefit of multiple focal distances with out lined bifocals or reading glasses. Eyes Etc. Optical features Kodak and Varilux progressives among many choices.
The newest generation progressive design is Kodak Unique the world's first Integrated Double Surface Progressive Lens, which is designed to promote the wearer's mobility and react to the behaviour of eyes. It provides balanced correction at all distances and in all directions. No matter what correction power you need, you can be sure that a modern multifocal lens from Kodak will allow you to see clearly.

Spectralite Lenses

Light and thin mid index lens that provides better acuity for hyperopes while reducing the appearance of minification or magnification of the eye.

TD2 Scratch Coat

Tough two-sided scratch coating for those who are hard on glasses. Included in Crizal anti-reflective. TD2 is applied to both the front and back of lenses unlike standard scratch coats that are usually applied only to the front of lenses.